Are the people in favor of removing the message running the test suite on windows? Every time I try, I get random failures, either lockups or "Program has stopped working, exception code: c0000005" popups.

I tried running the tests a few times on x86, on 64-bit windows 7 home premium sp1, and got 5 crashes and 13 lockups out of 17 runs.
I built using msys shell, gcc 4.6.1 from mingw, and both sbcl​ (64 bit), and 1.1.8 (32 bit).

Copying the files from the 1.1.8 binary installer on into current source tree and running tests with that also locked up, on same system as previous tests as well as another machine with same OS.

(filed a bug at with more details about where it was failing)

If people are reliably finishing the test suite on windows, which windows version, compiler, build tools, etc are you using?