I recently posted the following message on com.lang.lisp :
> Hi
> Last night,  I tested jfli with lispworks. It is very great.
> Unfortunately, jfli is not portable. I wonder if someone out there
> already port jfli on sbcl. If yes, send me the code please !
> Cheers

 And Elias Martenson posted the following answer :
> It's trickier than you might think. I actually looked into doing this some time ago.
> I gave up when I realised the amount of work to get it to work was just not worth it.
> Just loading the JVM into the same process as the SBCL image causes SBCL to crash shortly after.
> This is because, I believe, both the JVM and SBCL attempt to install and take advantage of the same signal handlers.

Is there a sbcl developper who tried to fix it ?
Did someone successfully port jfli on sbcl ?