I have the following macro definition which takes a symbol as argument and defines a new function. The symbol is used as the new function name:

(defmacro make-fn (fn-name)
     `(defun ,fn-name ()
          (format t "~a~%" ',fn-name)))

The macro seems to work correctly:

CL-USER> (make-fn my-function)
CL-USER> (my-function)

But when it is called from within the `dolist` macro a function with name `fn-name` is defined:

(defparameter *fn-names* '(func01 func02))

(dolist (fn-name *fn-names*)
           (make-fn fn-name))

CL-USER> (func01)
Error: FUNC02 is undefined.
CL-USER> (fn-name)

What is wrong with the macro definition?

Thank you,