Just arrived to Common Lisp and SBCL
I've installed cl-glfw3 bindings through quicklisp '(ql:quickload "cl-glfw3")' No problems here.
Then I've loaded it through asdf "(asdf:oos 'asdf:load-op 'cl-glfw3)" It loads ok.
Then I've tested some code, and I get SIGSEGVs.
I've gone down till this code:

(cl-glfw3:with-init (cl-glfw3:create-window :title "bleh bleh" :width 600 :height 400) (format t "test: ~A" glfw:*window*))
(cl-glfw3:with-init (cl-glfw3:create-window :title "bleh bleh" :width 600 :height 400) (format t "test: ~A" cl-glfw3:*window*))

Both return nil and print "test: #.(SB-SYS:INT-SAP #X00000000)"
The related code in cl-glfw3.lisp is this

(in-package #:glfw)

(defvar *window* nil
  "The window that is currently the default for this library. Can be set through MAKE-CONTEXT-CURRENT.")

(defun create-window
   ...not interesting...
  (let ((window (%glfw:create-window width height title monitor shared)))
    (if (eql (cffi:null-pointer) window)
    (error "Error creating window.")
    (make-context-current window))))

(defun make-context-current (window)
  (setf *window* window)
  (%glfw:make-context-current window))

If I use this test code it works:
       (let ((window (%glfw:create-window 600 400 "bleh bleh" (cffi:null-pointer) (cffi:null-pointer))))
         (%glfw:make-context-current window)
And returns: #.(SB-SYS:INT-SAP #X7FFFE4048290)

That is an equivalent form I think get executed by the first test code above. But just the last works.

This works also:
       (let ((window (%glfw:create-window 600 400 "bleh bleh" (cffi:null-pointer) (cffi:null-pointer))))
         (%glfw:make-context-current window)
         (setf cl-glfw3:*window* window)
         (loop until (cl-glfw3:window-should-close-p)
        do (cl-glfw3:swap-buffers)
        do (cl-glfw3:poll-events))))

So its ok for me for keep going.

But gets a SIGSEGV if I use cl-glfw3:create-window.
I've ran all code inside emacs and slime.
Though the first code also breaks in console sbcl.
I'm using SBCL 1.1.8-2.fc19 (Fedora) although I think the problem is in the library.
I guess that *window* symbol inside cl-glfw3: is not getting assigned, but I can't figure why.

Can anyone tell me why this happens? Any help appreciated.