Windows binary up. Patch for sbcl-page:

diff --git a/platform-support-platforms.lisp b/platform-support-platforms.lisp
index deab93c..7657437 100644
--- a/platform-support-platforms.lisp
+++ b/platform-support-platforms.lisp
@@ -48,5 +48,5 @@
 (define-port :x86-64 :openbsd :available "1.0.50" :os-version 49)
 (define-port :powerpc :openbsd :available "1.0.50" :os-version 49)

-(define-port :x86 :windows :in-progress "1.0.52" :file-type "msi")
+(define-port :x86 :windows :in-progress "1.0.54" :file-type "msi")
 (define-port :x86-64 :windows :in-progress)

I noticed that the patch to sbcl-page noting Windows availability for 1.0.53 never got committed. As I've said before, please either commit these or give me access to commit them myself. Thanks.

On Mon, Dec 5, 2011 at 12:01 PM, Jim Wise <> wrote:
Jim Wise <> writes:

> Nikodemus Siivola <> writes:
>> On 29 November 2011 18:23, Josh Elsasser <> wrote:
>>> Nikodemus, was this intended to be a commit-able workaround or is it
>>> merely masking the real cause here?
>> A bit of both, maybe.
>> We should really be able to cons those things on stack, which would
>> remove the performance penalty and heap-consing... but as long as it
>> does heap-cons fp and pc, I think that declaration makes perfect sense
> Just to confirm, this does indeed address the issue on Solaris/x86 as
> well.

I've just uploaded 1.0.54 builds for Solaris/x86-64 and Solaris/x86, as
well as an experimental build with :sb-thread for Solaris/x86, and I've
updated the download matrix on the web site with these versions.

This appears to be the best experimental threading release yet for
Solaris, with only one test failure -- and that looks like it may have
been addressed by Nikodemus' commits since the release.

I'll be uploading Darwin/x86-64 and Darwin/x86 builds later today or
tomorrow, barring issues in testing.

                               Jim Wise

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