Windows binary is finally up, and as usual I have a patch for sbcl-page:

diff --git a/platform-support-platforms.lisp b/platform-support-platforms.lisp
index 1681dbf..d2d26c0
--- a/platform-support-platforms.lisp
+++ b/platform-support-platforms.lisp
@@ -48,5 +48,5 @@
 (define-port :x86-64 :openbsd :available "1.0.55" :os-version 50)
 (define-port :powerpc :openbsd :available "1.0.55" :os-version 50)

-(define-port :x86 :windows :available "1.0.54" :file-type "msi")
+(define-port :x86 :windows :available "1.0.55" :file-type "msi")
 (define-port :x86-64 :windows :in-progress)

On Sun, Jan 1, 2012 at 7:11 PM, Juho Snellman <> wrote:
Happy new year SBCL hackers. I'm planning on releasing 1.0.55 next
weekend, so as usual it's a great time to run tests or fix

Juho Snellman

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