On Thu, Oct 25, 2012 at 7:08 AM, David Lichteblau <david@lichteblau.com> wrote:
Quoting Elliott Slaughter (elliottslaughter@gmail.com):
> If you want me to suggest anything for me to try, let me know.

It would be helpful to see:

  - Does it also fail with non-threaded builds?

I'm having trouble building the non-threaded build.


Here is my customize-target-features.lisp:

  (lambda (x)
      (set-difference x '(:sb-thread :sb-safepoint :sb-thruption :sb-wtimer)))

The only other difference from my threaded build (which succeeded out-of-the-box on, by the way) is that I did *not* increase the space size:

    sh make.sh # no SBCL_DYNAMIC_SPACE_SIZE=900

Elliott Slaughter

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