On Fri, Sep 30, 2011 at 12:43 PM, David Lichteblau <david@lichteblau.com> wrote:
Hi Elliott,

Quoting David Lichteblau (david@lichteblau.com):
> Quoting Elliott Slaughter (elliottslaughter@gmail.com):
> > Hm, nope same error in 4aad6e46. The relevant section of the build log is
> > the same other than the error in coreparse moving down two lines.
> The build is broken on Windows in several respects.  I will take care of
> these issues today.

perhaps you've seen it; I've pushed fixes earlier today.

Can you test on your Windows to double-check?  Please note that there's
still the test output directory cleanup issue; sorry about that.

It compiles (with all contribs) now on 6113d10b. Some tests are failing, but I don't have any idea whether these are Windows-specific or not:


Elliott Slaughter

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