On Fri, Nov 1, 2013 at 2:43 AM, Christophe Rhodes <csr21@cantab.net> wrote:
Christophe Rhodes <csr21@cantab.net> writes:

> There is a flaw in the binary distribution of sbcl-1.1.13; the binary
> and install scripts were not updated to take account of the new layout
> of contribs, and so installation from the binary tarball yields a
> contribless sbcl.
> I'm working on a fix; in the meantime, please don't upload any binaries
> to sourceforge.

In order to build binaries of sbcl-1.1.13 that actually install
correctly, I think what needs to happen is:

* build the tagged version as normal;
* apply the patch from 24e3d887e4b1036f07bc60ae45327d89eeaa678b
  (which only affects binary-distribution.sh and install.sh);
* run binary-distribution.sh as normal.

This will generate a tarball containing a binary of sbcl-1.1.13, with
all the relevant files, and scripts that will actually manage to install

This only affects the building of binary distributions; any users who
build and install directly from source should not have any problems.

Is this sufficient for Windows? I noticed that in 1.1.13 all contribs (appear to) fail to build, while in HEAD they appear to build fine. Is there some other commit I can cherry pick to make this work? I assume the one you've referenced won't get the job done because I'm seeing these failures in the build from source.

I apologize for the inconvenience.

Best wishes,


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