I came to know about SBCL getting selected in GSoC this year from the post http://www.pvk.ca/Blog/2013/04/13/starting-to-hack-on-sbcl/ Glad about it.

I am interested in contributing to SBCL; but I am no more a student so I can't go through GSoC. However, since I am beginning to work on SBCL, I will need some guidance. Yesterday we talked about it at #sbcl too. We talked about a GSoC student getting preference and I agree to that.

I am interested in the task 'stronger hash functions and specialised hash tables'. Robert would like to join in and both of us would like to work on it. As we are both engaged by our jobs, we would not be bound to a timeline; but we are interested in contributing.

Robert already has done some work related to hashes https://github.com/brown/city-hash/blob/master/city-hash.lisp

Any help, guidance and suggestions are welcome. We can start with a more detailed description of the task.

Let us know what you think of our idea.

@Robert: Please add in case I missed anything.

Thanks and regards,