Hello all,

I just pushed a fix that restores building on SPARC (a one-line change, and one which was specifically mentioned as acceptable in the freeze announcement).  As part of making sure that it still worked with all of the latest globaldb changes, I also ran the test suite.  The results (about on par for a much-neglected backend) are below.

I haven't done much digging into these, but from experience with the PPC backend I'd say that a lot of the failures would be cleared up by adding stack-allocatable-fixed-objects and stack-allocatable-vectors.

-- Alastair Bridgewater

Finished running tests.
 Expected failure:   compiler.pure.lisp /
 Expected failure:   compiler.pure.lisp / COPY-MORE-ARG
 Expected failure:   float.pure.lisp / NAN-COMPARISONS
 Failure:            interface.pure.lisp / (SLEEP NON-CONSING)
 Failure:            alien.impure.lisp / BUG-654485
 Unhandled Error     compiler.impure.lisp
 Expected failure:   debug.impure.lisp / (UNDEFINED-FUNCTION BUG-346)
 Expected failure:   debug.impure.lisp / (THROW NO-SUCH-TAG)
 Expected failure:   debug.impure.lisp / (TRACE ENCAPSULATE NIL)
 Expected failure:   debug.impure.lisp / (TRACE-RECURSIVE ENCAPSULATE NIL)
 Failure:            dynamic-extent.impure.lisp / (NO-CONSING HASH-TABLES)
 Failure:            dynamic-extent.impure.lisp / (NO-CONSING WITH-PINNED-OBJECTS)
 Failure:            dynamic-extent.impure.lisp / HANDLER-CASE-BOGUS-COMPILER-NOTE
 Failure:            dynamic-extent.impure.lisp / DX-COMPILER-NOTES
 Failure:            dynamic-extent.impure.lisp / HANDLER-CASE-EATING-STACK
 Failure:            dynamic-extent.impure.lisp / RECHECK-NESTED-DX-BUG
 Expected failure:   dynamic-extent.impure.lisp / BUG-586105
 Expected failure:   packages.impure.lisp / USE-PACKAGE-CONFLICT-SET
 Expected failure:   packages.impure.lisp / IMPORT-SINGLE-CONFLICT
 Unexpected success: timer.impure.lisp / (TIMER RELATIVE)
 Unexpected success: timer.impure.lisp / (TIMER ABSOLUTE)
 Unexpected success: timer.impure.lisp / (TIMER REPEAT-AND-UNSCHEDULE)
 Expected failure:   walk.impure.lisp / (WALK-LET* HAIRY-SPECIALS)
 Expected failure:   walk.impure.lisp / (WALK-LET* HAIRY-SPECIALS)
 Invalid exit status: foreign.test.sh
 (58 tests skipped for this combination of platform and features)