2013/2/4 Christophe Rhodes <csr21@cantab.net>
with a bracket in it, you can escape the wildness using backslashes:
  (wild-pathname-p #p"\\[") ; => nil

However, this is not possible under Windows platform, since the 
character #\\ is used as the separator for directories for Windows path name.
For example, we say #P"C:\\test.txt".

As a result, "\\[" will work exactly as "[" which will be an error, which prompts:
 parse error in namestring: #\[ with no corresponding #\]

Adding the "\\", the only effect is tuning the DIRECTORY component into "(:absolute)" 
if we use another name without wildness 

So this is a bug.

* (lisp-implementation-version)  => "1.1.4"

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