Indeed, a somewhat magical intern would IMO be the easiest way to implement many things people request. Like

  foo:bar == bar:foo

Instead of having two symbols be "the same" in some strange way, simply make the one intern as the other.


 -- nikodemus

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On Sunday, September 16, 2012, Philipp Marek wrote:
>> For example, I would like CL:defun to be the same as CL:DEFUN, but
>> C++:std.cout to be different than C++:STD.COUT -- all with a single
>> reader.  So all symbols in CL will be upcased, and all symbols in C++ will
>> be preserved.
> No, because the symbol characters are normally upcased at read-time.  So we can't handle
> case-folding/preserving behavior in INTERN, for example.
Well, if the reader preserves the character-case, INTERN might well choose to do
STRING-UPCASE (or whatever's been defined) for a given package.

In fact, that might simply be a package option :before-interning - with #'STRING-UPCASE
as default. With a case-preserving reader that would give (nearly) the same behaviour as
currently, but would allow that feature, too.

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