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I've been using macports to generate a threads image for MacOSX: sbcl @1.0.58_0+threads

This seems to work ok, but I'm having a problem with saved images using up heap space.  If I save the image and run it on my machine, it will quickly fail, running out of heap.  If I save the image using :save-runtime-options T, it doesn't run out of heap space.

Saving runtime options saves any --dynamic-space-size you've set. Possibly you're providing that in wrong part of the commandline when running the app? You can check the size of the heap using (sb-ext:dynamic-space-size).

My machine is a dual core.  If I ship the image (the one saved using :save-runtime-options T) to a quad core, it again quickly runs out of heap space.
 No ideas here.

I'm using mcclim (latest as downloaded and installed using quicklisp), and I've been using threads, but my code should start no more than 2 threads, yet all 4 cores are getting used heavily when the interface is doing nothing but waiting for some heavy computing in my application to run (in no more than 2 threads that I'm starting explicitly).

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 Monitor (sb-thread:list-all-threads) to verify the number of threads?

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