I would expect so, yes. ...let me know if it doesn't.


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On May 21, 2012 4:49 PM, "Tobias C Rittweiler" <tcr@freebits.de> wrote:
In article <E1SWLPN-0000Yo-Kv@sfs-ml-1.v29.ch3.sourceforge.com>,
 "Nikodemus Siivola" <demoss@users.sourceforge.net> wrote:

> The branch "master" has been updated in SBCL:
>        via  6e60dc9f79037ab84f5bfd8568979c24291c9922 (commit)
>       from  a2fd28fb6d0b3d8d230a7c933db352f80891ac1c (commit)
> - Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
> commit 6e60dc9f79037ab84f5bfd8568979c24291c9922
> Author: Nikodemus Siivola <nikodemus@random-state.net>
> Date:   Sat May 19 11:44:03 2012 +0300
>     lazy *STACK-TOP-HINT*s
>       Allow binding it to a symbol, which is resolved when entering the
>       debugger:
>       it denotes the name of the first uninteresting frame.
>       This simplifies ERROR, CERROR, BREAK, %BREAK, and makes interrupts more
>       efficient as we no longer need to find the interrupted frame when
>       entering
>       an interupt handler.
>       It also makes (handler-bind ((error #'invoke-debugger)) ...) once again
>       gain
>       the benefits of the stack top hint, which we lost when we ceased the
>       provide
>       the hint around the call to SIGNAL for efficiency reasons. Best of both
>       worlds, one hopes.

Thank you!

Does it mean that

 (define-condition once-again () ())

 (prog ((+once-again+ (make-condition 'once-again))
        (n 1000000))
    (handler-bind ((once-again #'(lambda (c)
                                   (declare (ignore c))
                                   (go :again))))
      (unless (zerop (decf n))
        (error +once-again+))))

now runs in nearly constant space?


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