Hello all, my name Is Tucker DiNapoli and I want to apply to to work on SBCL for the upcoming google summer of code. I'm specifically interested on working with the simd instructions, I  have a few ideas for projects and am wondering which seem the most useful also I am wondering if all of the simd code that exists for sbcl is in the main branch, or if there is more in some other branch(as it seems rather limited in the main branch).

My ideas are: implementing optimized sequence operations using x86_64 SIMD instructions(this is from the list of suggested projects); Generalizing SIMD support, via creating a simd package with generic simd functions which could be supported by different backends; lastly I would like to add support for x86_64 AVX instructions, perhaps as a part of the previous idea. I have a lot of experience working with simd instructions and last summer completed a google summer of code project to implement simd intrinsics in the MLton sml compiler. I haven't worked on any large lisp projects but I've written enough common lisp to be fairly familiar with the language, and I really like lisp as a language.

Tucker DiNapoli