I'm just an sbcl user like you, and I have tried the same with the latest stable 1.0.51 (compiled from source on x86-64 debian)

CL-USER> (round (* 10.004939019999991d0 1e8))

So, my guess is that whatever issue has been with the 1.0.46/47, sbcl developers seem to have solved it with 1.0.51. Perhaps you could test your code with that one and see if it works?

2011/9/2 Peter Keller <psilord@cs.wisc.edu>

I'm writing some math software using SBCL 1.0.47 (and 1.0.46 gives the
same response) and I'm curious why I get this output:

* (round (* 10.004939019999991d0 1e8))


I don't expect that output....

On CLISP 2.48 I get this:

[1]> (round (* 10.004939019999991d0 1d8))
1000493902 ;

On ecl 11.1.1 I get this:

> (round (* 10.004939019999991d0 1e8))


Needless to say, I spent quite a few days tracking this down. Is there
a known bug inside of SBCL concerning double-float representation that
I'm hitting? Or am I so close to the available manitissa bits that I'm
hitting undefined behavior?

Thank you.


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