I was wading through the issue tracker looking to work on a first bug, and thought #800010 looked interesting.

It looks like when both pprint-logical-block and stream-element-type take the same stream element as an argument, the block ends up returning NIL (confusing one for the other?). This applies to both *standard-output* and *terminal-io*. Otherwise, it returns CHARACTER fine.

I tried this out in clisp, and it works fine, so I tried to compare the pprint-logical-block macro in sbcl with the one in clisp, but honestly, I can't seem to zero in on where it's going awry. Any pointers would be great.

I'm also interested in this bug, but is it OK for newcomers to work on doc bugs? As in, I'm not very certain what to write in the doc other than what the bug specifies.