For the correct core lookup, set SBCL_HOME env. variable to c:\Program Files\Steel Bank Common Lisp\1.0.37\

Kittens of Death is already reported in LP.

The last failure is due to the launcher program sensitivity to spaces, so it thinks that C:/Program is a path to the application, and the rest components are arguments. Quoting the full path should help.


2011/4/14 Faré <>
I tried to use the windows installer for SBCL as advertised on

* It installs stuff in c:\Program Files\Steel Bank Common Lisp\1.0.37\
which is fine, but the sbcl.exe there expects a core file in
/usr/local/lib/sbcl. Oops.
* --noinform doesn't get rid of the message concerning Kittens of Death.

Could some windows developer solve these issues in a new packaging?
Maybe using a more recent version of SBCL, too.

I see that yamaraj has uploaded more recent SBCL binaries to the
ntemacs project on sourceforge... They are the latest version, but
they also install at the right place but look for the core file at the
wrong place and print the annoying message even on --noinform.

To run SBCL, I use a sbcl.bat file with this line:
@"c:\Program Files\Steel Bank Common Lisp\1.0.47\sbcl.exe" --core
"c:\Program Files\Steel Bank Common Lisp\1.0.47\sbcl.core" %*

Also, the quoting of spaces and/or quotes in command-lines created by
run-program seem somewhat dysfunctional, as examplified by this test:

sbcl --load test

(format t "Hello, World!~&")
(load "h:\\cl\\xcvb\\master.lisp")
(in-package :xcvbm)
(format t "Blah: ~A~%" (run-program/read-output-string '("cmd" "/c"
"echo" "1 2" "2" "3")))
(format t "Bloh: ~A~%" (run-program/read-output-string '("c:\\Program
Files\\Steel Bank Common Lisp\\sbcl.bat" "--noinform" "--eval"
(format t "Bleh: ~A~%" (run-program/read-output-string '("c:\\Program
Files\\Steel Bank Common Lisp\\sbcl.bat" "--noinform" "--eval"
"(progn(format t \"Blih! ~A~%\")

Remarkably, the Blah test displays Blah: "1 2" 2 3 (mind the
interesting quoting), the Bloh test succeeds, and the Bleh test fails
with a suggestion that in that case quoting failed:

'c:/Program' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.

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