On Sun, May 1, 2011 at 1:57 PM, Jim Wise <jwise@draga.com> wrote:
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On May 1, 2011, at 14:35 , Zach Beane wrote:

> Juho Snellman <jsnell@iki.fi> writes:
>> I'll try to release SBCL 1.0.48 next weekend. Now would be a great time to test
>> for regressions, especially on more exotic platforms.
> It's not exotic, but I built the quicklisp world with the latest SBCL
> from git on Linux/AMD64 without any problems.

Solaris x86 and x86_64 look good to release.  I'll also upload Darwin x86 and x86_64.

Barring objections I'll upload a Solaris x86 threading build as an experimental build.  Will do the same for Darwin x86_64, but need to look into a blowup I saw in testing today first.

Any thoughts on best layout in Sourceforge / download page for experimental builds?  I was thinking a subfolder of the release folder on Sourceforge, and a small list below the platform table with an explanatory paragraph on the web page.

Would someone please tell me how to upload binaries for Windows? I'm serious when I say I'd like to provide more up-to-date binaries for Windows. :-)

Elliott Slaughter

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