SBCL 1.0.44 has been released, release notes follow:

changes in sbcl-1.0.44 relative to sbcl-1.0.43:
  * enhancement: RUN-PROGRAM accepts :EXTERNAL-FORMAT argument to select the
    external-format for its :INPUT, :OUTPUT, AND :ERROR :STREAMs.
  * enhancement: ALLOCATION-INFORMATION also provides the page the object
    resides on.
  * enhancement: default dynamic-space size can be configured at build-time
    without touching source, using the --dynamic-space-size argument to
  * enhancement: DESCRIBE recognizes symbols naming optimization policy
    qualities, and mentions ALWAYS-BOUND declarations.
  * enhancement: ATOMIC-INCF now supports AREF of (SIMPLE-ARRAY SB-EXT:WORD (*))
    as a place.
  * enhancement: ASDF has been updated to 2.009.
  * enhancement: the system detects known type-erros in calls better,
    signalling a full warning about violated proclaimed FTYPEs and violations
    of derived FTYPEs within the same file, including self-calls.
  * enhancement: new function: SB-EXT:DELETE-DIRECTORY is now provided.
  * optimization: constant-folding exploits numeric and character types, in
    addition member types.
  * optimization: numeric, character and member types that are inhabited by
    exactly one value are tested with EQL.
  * optimization: more conditional branches are eliminated during IR1.
    Branches are simplified before performing if/if-conversion, and simple
    equivalent branches (that only read the same constant or variable) are
  * improvements to the Windows port:
    ** change: canonical unparsing form for pathname namestrings now uses / as
       directory separator. NATIVE-NAMESTRING still uses \ as the separator.
    ** bug fix: stackoverwriting due to incorrect usage of PeekConsoleInput
       on Windows. (thanks to Kalyanov Dmitry)
    ** bug fix: build now works on cygwin with GCC 4.x installed. (thanks to
       Kalyanov Dmitry)
    ** bug fix: now works on Cygwin. (thanks to Kalyanov Dmitry)
  * bug fix: compiler failed to derive the result-type of MAKE-ARRAY as
    (AND VECTOR (NOT SIMPLE-ARRAY)) when appropriate. (lp#309130)
  * bug fix: (THE (VALUES ...)) in LOAD-TIME-VALUE caused a compiler-error.
  * bug fix: interrupts arriving during CL:OPEN caused an error.
  * bug fix: overeager character buffering could cause input to block
    spuriously when reading from a pipe (lp#643686)
  * bug fix: more efficient timer expiry should avoid starvation on systems
    where number of SIGALRMs per second is restricted. (lp#375515)
  * bug fix: non-unicode builds no longer fail (broken since
  * bug fix: compile-times no longer scale linearly with the size of
    quoted lists in source-code. (lp#654289)
  * bug fix: better errors for unknown external-formats in OPEN. (lp#561974)
  * bug fix: DEBUG>SPEED no longer degrades ALIEN-FUNCALL performance quite
    so badly. (lp#654485)
    an error for eg. STRUCTURE. (lp#458015)
  * bug fix: LOOP WITH NIL = ... signalled an unused variable style-warning.
    (lp#613871, thanks to Roman Marynchak)
  * bug fix: more reliable &REST list type derivation. (lp#655203)
  * bug fix: PPRINT-LOGICAL-BLOCK multiply-evaluated :PER-LINE-PREFIX,
    and issued pointles code-deletion notes for it, :PREFIX, and :SUFFIX.
  * bug fix: the compiler didn't utilize the proclaimed ftype for functions
    also declared NOTINLINE. (lp#655581)
  * bug fix: the compiler could attempt to emit constant left shifts of 
    greater value than n-word-bits. (lp#309063)
  * bug fix: (SETF SYMBOL-FUNCTION) and (SETF FDEFINITION) clear derived
    type information for the function being set. (lp#659220)
  * bug fix: the system used to signal bogus STYLE-WARNINGs when functions
    containing self-calls were recompiled with a new signature, and failed
    to warn when a self-call using the old signature was left in. (lp#655126)
  * bug fix: incorrect FILE-POSITION on streams opened using :EXTERNAL-FORMAT
    :DEFAULT when the default external had character size other than 8 bits.
  * bug fix: derived types of functions in the same file were implicitly
    trusted, leading to potential heap corruption when those function were
    defined incompatibly. (lp#657499)
  * bug fix: existing ASDF source registries are ignored when building
    contribs (lp#659105)
  * bug fix: short-form DEFSETF checks that the second argument is a symbol
    (lp#655824, thanks to Roman Marynchak)
  * bug fix: (SETF MACRO-FUNCTION) clobbered macro-definitions before
    package-lock violation was detected. (lp#660752)
  * bug fix: the system can store different docstrings for a single function
    under different names. (lp#661631, regression from
  * bug fix: source-locations of DEFGENERIC forms weren't getting recorded
    properly. (lp#384801)
  * bug fix: (COERCE X '(SIMPLE-VECTOR 5)) and similar coercions to vectors
    of specified length could confuse the type derivation in unsafe code.
  * bug fix: SB-POSIX:FORK now signals an error if an attempt to
    fork with multiple Lisp threads running is made on every platform,
    not just Darwin. (lp#451111)
  * bug fix: SB-BSD-SOCKETS and SB-SIMPLE-STREAMS could leave stale finalizers
    around when core was saved, which could cause undefined behaviour when the
    core was reified. 
  * bug fix: Allow UNTRACE of functions that are no longer defined
    (lp#667657, thanks to Attila Lendvai)
  * bug fix: MAKE-ARRAY calls with invalid keyword argument lists now signal a
    compile-time warning (lp#664373, thanks to Stas Boukarev)

Juho Snellman