This is a question to SBCL maintainers. I probably had to ask it before nominating my patches for release in Launchpad, but anyway it is better to ask later than to ask never:)

The question is: what should I do after I have provided the patch and counted all notes about the problems with the patch? Should I mark the issue 'In progress', assign it to me and nominate it for release? Or I should stop after the final patch is provided, and do not touch the ticket anymore? Do we have any rules about this?

I see that other people never nominate a fix for the release, so maybe I went the wrong way here.

Also, what is the issues confirmation policy? Should they be confirmed by maintainers only, or other registered in Launchpad people also may confirm an issue?

I am asking this to avoid confusions during Launchpad usage. It would be good to have the 'official' rules about SBCL Launchpad site stated somewhere and to obey them.