In case you are not going to play with GCC options manually, it is better to build once. AFAIK, SBCL does not use any instructions beyond SSE3 (or even SSE2), so just do check whether all your CPUs are modern enough. Finally, I do not think that the performance impact will be more than 10-15 % - is that so critical?

I have added the SBCL help members into CC again, maybe there are other opinions on this.


2010/7/30 Cecil Westerhof <>
Op vrijdag 30 jul 2010 14:31 CEST schreef Roman Marynchak:

> In case the systems are the same, the SBCL binaries are also the same. So, you
> should do the build only once.

They are not the same. For example one has an Intel Atom, another has
an AMD Sempron and another has an Intel T4200. But it is the same
family. Do I understand correctly that I only have to build once?

Cecil Westerhof
Senior Software Engineer