One of the better alternatives is described here:

Maybe this can be somehow integrated into SBCL? The ability to dump the code flow graph in DOT language seems to be very useful.


2010/6/12 Roman Marynchak <>

 I want to introduce the extremely detailed code components damper into SBCL. That is, there will be a function like print-code-flow-graph, which will emit the full code flow graph description to a file. There should be present:

- all structures (like node, lvar etc.)
- all connections between the structures.
- all slot values in the structures.

This functionality is needed for me, because I often refer to the flow graph while writing my book. Also, it may be useful for the compiler hackers. And describe-component does not provide the full info.

Since a typical code flow graph is large, I suggest to convert this info into a set of HTML pages - to provide the graph navigation possibilities and to keep the components/blocks hierarchy.

What do you think about this idea? Are there better alternatives?