Hello All,

 I use SBCL at work, but our product migrates on Windows 7 x64 and requires the appropriate 64-bit CL implementation (capable of using 4+ GB of memory, emitting AMD64 code and so on). So, I wonder how long it can take to port SBCL there?

Actually, there are three specific questions:

1. Is there any ongoing port to Win7 x64?
2. What are the technical problems connected with this port?
3. Who is also interested in this port?

My approximation is that it is from 0.5 to 2 man-years, depending on the quality of the port (from 'just runs and passes all tests' to 'uses UMS and other Windows-specific things to gain the maximum performance'). What are the other opinions?

I do not say that I will do this port, but it is interesting to know the current status of it.