Are sb-threads on darwin intel platform still "experimental"  I have 1.0.39 and I and experiencing weird hangup problems when running under slime. doesn't happen when built without threads and doesn't do it when running the program directly from the repl.  I did try to build version 1.0.40, but unsuccessfully because the sb-posix contribution (whatever that is) didn't build and I needed to compile my packages.

I'd be interested in where I can find any tips on building a workable sbcl platform on the mac (intel) with cl-opengl and a gui library (cl-gtk2 was suggested by another subscriber because it supports some things I'd like to do with a threaded system). I have bits and pieces working - but - man this is an uphill battle for me  btw, I've tried other lisp systems (like closure cl) and actually ran into -MORE- problems (but a different set of them).  maybe it's just me :-)