On Wed, Feb 16, 2011 at 7:59 PM, Jim Wise <jwise@draga.com> wrote:

I'm seeing two of the dirent tests in sb-posix fail with a
SB-INT:C-STRING-DECODING-ERROR on Solaris 10/x86 (32-bit).  Neither the
tests nor the underlying sb-posix code have changed since 1.0.45, when
this worked, and I've tried backing out the few other changes in
sb-posix to be sure.

Before I dig deeper, did anything change in the handling of C strings
since 1.0.45 that I should be aware of?

Is it possible that your filesystem has changed? Like adding some files or directories with funky non-ASCII names into the root directory?

(And why are so many of the sb-posix tests using / as the canonical test directory anyway?)

Juho Snellman