The patch seems to be reasonable, especially when you have the working test case.

Your question is not answered, because (at least for me) it is unclear what are you trying to convert and why? Since you have missed the conversion steps entirely, it is hard to say what is going on. 

For Lisp/C strings conversion see string-to-c-string/c-string-to-string in src/code/target-c-call.lisp, and their users. Also SBCL manual has the clear description of alien types conversion, including the automatic cases. A 'lisp name' conversion to string is just (string 'name-to-convert).

You may also put your bug/solution to Launchpad - it will be definitely saved for some future release in this case.


2010/5/29 Jerry James <>
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> Ping (on both the bug and the above question).

Is anyone receiving my email, or am I just talking to a bit bucket somewhere?
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