We've released a new version of SBCL, release notes follow:

changes in sbcl-1.0.47 relative to sbcl-1.0.46:
  * bug fix: fix mach port rights leaks in mach exception handling code on
    darwin/x86 and /x86-64. (thanks to Willem Oudshoorn for motivation and the
    initial patch)
  * enhancement: --script muffles style-warnings and compiler notes. (lp#677779)
  * enhancement: redefinition warnings for macros from different files. (lp#434657)
  * enhancement: better MACHINE-VERSION on Darwin x86 and x86-64. (lp#668332)
  * enhancement: (FORMAT "foo" ...) and similar signal a compile-time warning. (lp#327223)
  * enhancement: no more "in: LAMBDA NIL" messages from the compiler for forms
    processed using EVAL -- now the appropriate toplevel form is reported instead.
  * enhancement: more legible style-warnings for inappropriate IGNORE and IGNORABLE
    declarations. (lp#726331)
  * enhancement: :NOT-NULL option has been added to alien C-STRING type to indicate
    that NIL/NULL is excluded from the type.
  * enhancement: SB-INTROSPECT:MAP-ROOT allows mapping over pointers contained in
    arbitrary objects.
  * optimization: SLOT-VALUE &co are faster in the presence of SLOT-VALUE-USING-CLASS
    and its compatriots.
  * optimization: core startup time is reduced by 30% on x86-64. (lp#557357)
  * bug fix: SB-DEBUG:BACKTRACE-AS-LIST guards against potentially leaking
    stack-allocated values out of their dynamic-extent. (lp#310175)
  * bug fix: attempts to use SB-SPROF for wallclock profiling on threaded
    x86-64 builds caused a type-error.
  * bug fix: calling COMPILE with something else than a lambda-expression as the
    second argument reports a more sensible error. (lp#718905)
  * bug fix: invalid combinations of :PREDICATE and :TYPE options in DEFSTRUCT
    are detected. (lp#520607)
  * bug fix: constant keyword argument checking didn't take :ALLOW-OTHER-KEYS
    into account.
  * bug fix: SLOT-BOUNDP information is correct during MAKE-INSTANCE in the
    methods. (regression from
  * bug fix: INITIALIZE-INSTANCE :AROUND methods supplying initargs via
    CALL-NEXT-METHOD work correctly. (regression from
  * bug fix: several foreign functions accepting string also accepted NIL and
    consequently caused a memory fault at 0 now signal a type-error instead.
  * bug fix: under rare circumstances, constraint propagation could rewrite a
    variable reference to refer to a variable not in scope, causing an error
    during physical environment analysis when attempting to close over the
    variable. (lp#551227)
  * bug fix: SIMPLE-CONDITION :FORMAT-CONTROL defaults to NIL.

Juho Snellman