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Sent: Sun 7/24/2005 3:38 PM
To: Emre Sevinc
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Subject: Re: [Sbcl-help] How to handle non-ASCII characters in SBCL's Lisp reader?

>>"Emre Sevinc" <emres@bilgi.edu.tr> writes:

>> To cut the long story short, I simply provide
>> the link to the problem I encounter, basically it is
>> about trying to read a file containing Turkish characters
>> (ISO-8859-9) w/o success:
>> http://groups-beta.google.com/group/comp.lang.lisp/browse_frm/thread/0a77731a32e493fd/7aea80918aa55041
>> People suggested CLISP but I don't want to switch
>> my Lisp implementation for encoding issues, I want
>> to handle it with SBCL if I can.

>Without reading that link: you would need to implement support for
>iso-8859-9, to convert between the numerical codes provided by the
>operating system and the characters that they represent.  CLISP
>currently supports more external formats than SBCL does; we are
>waiting for users to implement external formats which they use.
>(Implementing an iso-8859-x external format is relatively
>straightforward, though Teemu Kalvas' implementation of -15 has aimed
>for maximal efficiency)

Currently I have solved my problem by upgrading my kernel to 2.6.11
and sbcl to 0.9.2 (because I was not able to install latest
binary SBCL package to my 2.4.18 kernel) and using UTF-8 encoding
for the text files my functions were working on.

Things are fine for now.

I also saw that Ivan Boldyrev prepared a patch for some encodings
including iso-8859-9 and I hope SBCL developers will have the
opportunity to incorporate that patch (or a similar one) into
the official SBCL release.

Thank you very much for suggestions.

Happy hacking,

Emre Sevinc