To cut the long story short, I simply provide
the link to the problem I encounter, basically it is
about trying to read a file containing Turkish characters
(ISO-8859-9) w/o success:

People suggested CLISP but I don't want to switch
my Lisp implementation for encoding issues, I want
to handle it with SBCL if I can.

I can try to install the latest version from Debian unstable
repository if the problem is corrected (the last time I tried,
I think 1-2 weeks ago, apt-get install sbcl simply got stuc
at some point forever, some people said it was about linux kernel
2.4 and I must switch to 2.6 to complete installation but I also
don't want to switch kernels for simply installing new SBCL
if there is another way, see:


Thanks in advance.

Happy hacking.

Emre Sevinc
Istanbul Bilgi University