On 02 Mar 2007 05:21:51 +0200, Juho Snellman <jsnell@iki.fi> wrote:
"Joubert Nel" <joubert.nel@gmail.com> writes:
>  Hello,
> I'm running Solaris 10 (x86) and installed the 0.9.14 Solaris binaries.
> My aim is to get to a higher version of SBCL on Solaris and have already
> built up to 0.9.17 (the test suite doesn't pass 100%).

That's unexpected, I'm pretty sure it used to pass on Solaris/x86 at
some point.

(Also, why aren't you building a newer version than that?  Even given
my tardiness in replying to this message, 0.9.17 is pretty old).

I first tried building version 1.0.2 but it failed miserably. Then decided to use 0.9.14 to build successively newer versions and have built all the way up to 0.9.17 (but the test suite doesn't pass and so was hoping to first get a feel for whether anybody else is using SBCL on Solaris).

> Before I do, there are a few things I'm wondering about:
> 1) Who is responsible for Solaris binaries?

Technically nobody is responsible for anything :-) I did make the
previous Solaris/x86 binary, but am unlikely to make any newer ones.

OK - I thought since there was a previous binary the source for later versions might also be getting built for Solaris.

Are you running SBCL on Solaris? Which version of SBCL?


Juho Snellman