Dear SBCL folks,

I've been very much enjoying writing SBCL "shebang" scripts lately.  This has spared me much suffering over Shell and Perl scripts.  But I've just run into a situation where I'm running out of memory because the max heap size is too small.

I see here that I can't combine "--script" and "--dynamic-space-size":

But, I see here that there should be a way to compile a larger default dynamic space size into SBCL:
That says says "you can recompile sbcl with DEFAULT_DYNAMIC_SPACE_SIZE changed in sbcl/src/runtime/validate.h"

However, when I look at validate.h, I see that DEFAULT_DYNAMIC_SPACE_SIZE, is calculated from two other variables (either "DYNAMIC_SPACE_END - DYNAMIC_SPACE_START", or "DYNAMIC_0_SPACE_END - DYNAMIC_0_SPACE_START")

Can I set this directly, (e.g. "define DEFAULT_DYNAMIC_SPACE_SIZE 16000"), or would I need to do something to change the DYNAMIC_SPACE_END variable?


Benjamin Lambert
Ph.D. Student of Computer Science
Carnegie Mellon University