It this mprotect/page size issue on i386 or AMD64?  I would hope that the
default page size on AMD64 is larger to avoid the problem.

Nikodemus Siivola wrote:
2009/7/10 Zach Beane <>:

The instructions are clear, and they seem to work, but I don't think
I've seen anyone mention this issue before anywhere.

Do people with lots of installed RAM regularly (or irregularly) run
into this configuration issue? Is my operating system's default value
to blame? Is it one of those "fix once and forget" issues?

I has cropped up on the lists before, and at least one Lisp company
uses larger than default page size for SBCL for the same reason.
(Larger page-size may have undesirable effects on GC write-protect
granularity, but I'm not sure if increasing the number of separate
mappings has possible system-wide performance implications.)


 -- Nikodemus

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