On 8/18/06, Raymond Toy <raymond.toy@ericsson.com> wrote:
>>>>> "Leonid" == Leonid Slobodov <333www@gmail.com> writes:

    Leonid> Second, since I don't see any abs suitable transforms or vops
    Leonid> in the SBCL source, I assume there isn't one.
    Leonid> In what other ways CMUCL is ahead of SBCL
    Leonid> (in terms of optimizations)?

Probably none.  Or very minor if any.  If anything this is a
microoptimization---the kind that's fun to do but doesn't really
matter.  I've done my share of them. :-)


Yeah, sure I'd like to start doing major optimizations right away.
But I have to start somewhere :-)
I can hardly understand one  half of the Dragon Book, so how is
a mere almost-student supposed to know where to start?