On May 23, 2007, at 6:15 PM, Juho Snellman wrote:

Jonathon McKitrick <jmckitrick@reedlarkeygroup.com> writes:
I tried following the steps listed in the manual for running sb-
cover, but the end result is an empty report, as though I had not
evaluated the DECLAIM form with the sb-cover option.

Where did you evaluate the DECLAIM form? On the REPL before doing the

Yes.  Then I started including them in the first file loaded when I though that might have been the problem.

1.  I assume sb-cover works on Intel Macs, but the screenshot on
Lemonodor could be a ppc machine.  Am I wrong?  I'm running sbcl

It'll work on all architectures.

I was able to get it working after recompiling everything, uncluding the sbcl fasls.

2.  I'd like to avoid recompiling all the fasl files that belong to
sbcl, if possible, unless this is required by sb-cover.  Since I
don't work in my root account, I have to manually ACCEPT all the read-
only files that cannot be recompiled by the :FORCE T in the ASDF load
command.  Is there a workaround?

You can remove your own fasl files, and then just do a normal
asdf:load-op without force.

I'll try that instead.

Jonathon McKitrick