hello I whould like to make a note for sbcl..

I use it with my receiver heacker as a card client and I connect it through the com port.

I use sbcl as the host program for my varioys plugins such as vplag and wincsc.

I  have the correct info for a valid card server and the valid configurations done and I can claim this because I can login it to it throug wincsc.

When it comes to tune to the channel, sbcl receives the ecm packets and it says it forwards it to the rest of the plugins but when I go to the monitor of wincsc it constantly say this:

**changing channel to :sbcl

Cannot find CAID for ECM=00FF

So  it makes no diference if i change a channel or not.

Whatever the ecm will arrive at sbcl , it will send only 00FF to the rest of the plugins

I also saw that with vplug.

Tell me if there is any logical explanation!!

Thank you for your time reading it and I hope that something can be done for it or  tell me if iam doing somthenig wrong!

Or if there exists any other later version . I have V1.0h ia m waiting for a replay or a link to somethink that could help ;)