I use SBCL with Slime and I don't know which is causing this issue, so I thought I'd start here.

For a long time if I ran into name conflicts between packages I had the option to select which one to proceed with. I update SBCL every other release or so. Within the last three or four months the option to select the source to use for a name seems to have disappeared, and instead an error is generated:

    (during compile-time-too processing)
    USE-PACKAGE #<PACKAGE "CL-EXTRA"> causes name-conflicts in #<PACKAGE "FINANCE">
    between the following symbols:
    --> EVAL-WHEN 

I miss the old behavior - particularly as very often the name conflicts are caused by including a package I had forgotten, so that one of the "packages" is the interned function name which doesn't even exist (i.e., there is no real conflict).

Is this the desired behavior? If so, short of killing the *inferior-lisp* instance and restarting the whole thing, how might one proceed once a name conflict is encountered. FMAKUNBOUND doesn't fix anything.

Jeff Cunningham