Thought I'd give you some feedback in the form of data on a recent jump
        in core size. I run a hunchentoot webserver on a (very) small dedicated
        server. That machine is running SBCL and generates a core that
        is 43.2M
        I recently upgraded SBCL at home to When I built the same
        webserver on that machine the core is now 74.2M.
        The dedicated server is a P4. The home machine is an AMD-64, if that
        makes any difference. I don't recall the previous version I was running
        on the AMD-64, but believe it was around 1.0.31 and it generated a core
        size for the webserver that was about the same as the dedicated machine
        at that time.
        It does seem to compile much faster though :)
        --Jeff Cunningham