Ron Wolf - 2009-10-07

two related questions…

it seems that incremental backups include files changed since the last backup whether that last backup was full or incremental. my question: , how do i find a file that may have changed at some point? do i have to look thru at each incremental for it?

that was one question ;->

the 2nd question: i'm guessing that purge only makes sense in a situation where every backup is full and the backups are considerably more frequent than the purges. but if, instead, i have a mix of full and incremental backups and i set the purge to delete backups older than 30 days and my last full backup is older than 30 days. will the purge delete my full backups and leave me only with incrementals? i have lots more scenarios around this. but will get into those depending on this answer. actually, having a better explanation of purge would be quite helpful. duh…..