Daily backup purge

  • x19er

    x19er - 2007-05-18

    Hi guys,

    I backup my Linux box every night using sbackup over to a W2K server. This then backs up onto DAT tape. I want to only keep ONE full backup set on the W2K server ie each night delete yesterdays and replace it with todays. However if I try to set purge to 1 day, it looks OK, hit save, close. Open it back up again and it's reverted to default no purges and an hourly backup schedule. Is this a bug? Is there a way to configure it to do what I want?


    • Skip Guenter

      Skip Guenter - 2009-06-20

      I'll bet you could directly edit the sbackup.conf file and it'd stick... watch out for using backup times between 00:00 and 00:59... that's given this config save problem before.


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