Please add a status bar or some messages !

  • Mirko Tebaldi

    Mirko Tebaldi - 2009-01-23

    When the first time you execute sbackup, it will take a very long time to do the first full backup. But what does it happens if while it's backing up the user turn off the pc!? sbackup will not comunicate noting to the suer.

    Also: when restoring, sbackup don't say "starting", and don't say "finished"... So... how can we desume that's finished !?

    • Anonymous - 2009-01-27

      I strongly support this suggestion. Sbackup is great, but we need some kind of logging or even better a progress bar. It would be good in general if the "Simple Backup Config" GUI would show the status of running processes and allow to terminate them as well. This would be the optimum, but the "-v" option added to the tar command and that piped into some kind of logfile would be good for a beginning.

    • kcramakrishna

      kcramakrishna - 2009-05-02

      I strongly support this too. It is very very important for critical tasks like backups.


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