Noob question about when to close program

  • Copil Yanez

    Copil Yanez - 2008-11-22

    This is such a stupid question, I hesitate to ask but I just want to make sure I'm using the program correctly.

    I have configured my backup and have confirmed that the files are being written to my ftp site.

    My question is this: once I've configured the program and clicked "BACKUP NOW" to start the first backup, do I leave it open until it's done or can I click CLOSE?  Does the program shut down by itself once it's finished and then start up on its own according to the parameters set in the "TIME" tab?

    Again, I know this is probably a really stupid question.  This noob appreciates being pointed in the right direction.  Thank you.

    • Steve McAtee

      Steve McAtee - 2008-11-22

      After you click backup now you will be prompted with a process id.  This process id is launched as a daemon.  You can close the window at anytime after that.

      Just do not turn off your computer.  SBackup's one weakness is if the job fails due to anything it will not note it or post an alert.  It just dies and you have an incomplete backup.

    • Copil Yanez

      Copil Yanez - 2008-11-22

      Thank you for that!  So I can close the program at any time.  But don't turn off the computer.  Got it.  Is there a way of determining when the backup is complete so I know when it's safe to turn off?

      Thanks again for your help!

      • Steve McAtee

        Steve McAtee - 2008-11-23

        The only way to know it is done is to look for sbackupd in the system monitor.  If it is not there it has finished running.

        Also,  I have noticed it fail quite often when doing ftp backups.  The failure is mainly due to a network interruption.  Usually because the file is too big and takes too long. Also, the FTP backup tar and zips the file directly to the ftp share instead of tar/zip the file locally then ftp the file to the ftp server.  This causes the ftp backups to take an extremely long time and be more susceptible to a failure. 


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