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  • Andrea

    Andrea - 2008-10-22

    Hi all,

    i would like to try sbackup and i download the latest release from this site, open whit install packages and install it. I see two new link into system / administration menu, Simple Backup Conf and Simple Backup Restore, but if i try to run it i receive an error: unable to run sbakup so-no-root sub-system.

    How can install it into my ubuntu 8.04
    Thanks a lot

    • IMSargon

      IMSargon - 2008-10-25

      Are you still having this problem and keeping current with updates?

      Here's what my entry in the menu looks like:
      su-to-root -X -c /usr/sbin/simple-backup-config

      Right-click on your menu and go to "Edit Menu" to see if yours matches.

    • Andrea

      Andrea - 2008-10-25

      Hi imsargon,

      after your reply i chek my menu and i see that there is the same line that you post. I change it into gksu /usr/sbin/simple-backup-config and the same for restor option and now it works.

      I don't understand why sbackup use su-to-root -X -c for run the application, can you or someone explain it?

      Thanks a  lot.

    • IMSargon

      IMSargon - 2008-10-26

      su-to-root is actually a script that can call gksu (GNOME) or kdesu (KDE) or others. Using that allows the same package to be used in Ubuntu as Kubuntu or whatever. When I first installed sbackup I guess I didn't have su-to-root installed and it didn't turn up as a dependency. I think there are a few bug reports floating around on the subject - they'll figure it out.

    • Andrea

      Andrea - 2008-10-27

      Thanks for reply, i didn't know su-to-root is a good script for manage two distro with same interface to root.


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