Sayz me too slow :)

  • Edward

    Edward - 2007-06-25

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone knew how to speed up the voices even more in sayz me. I've got it cranked to 100% speed, but it's starting to feel slow again. I'd love to crank it up higher so I can read more in less time.

    So could anyone please tell me how to do this?

    Thanks so much,

    • Edward

      Edward - 2007-06-25

      Oh, and at 100% the text highlighting gets way off track, sometimes the voice is so far ahead of the text that I can't read what it's speaking. I have to delete everything above where I am in the reading and restart the reading.

      But not such a big deal; the speed is my biggest dream.

      A thousand thank yous! btw, you've saved me 100's of hours of time.

    • Hugo V.

      Hugo V. - 2007-06-27

      I tested Sayz Me and it is an interesting software, but there is still many things it can't do. If you haven't found something like what you are looking for in the OPTIONS, I recommend yRead. yRead isn't open-source, but it is free as in nagware/spyware-free. It does the job pretty well as far as I can remember (I tested it like six month ago).

    • Edward

      Edward - 2007-06-27

      I tried yRead and several other systems. All of them seem to max out at the same speed. Is there anything faster out there?


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