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Andrew LG
  • Andrew LG

    Andrew LG - 2003-04-24

    I have some comentaries to make for the program:

    Its simple, usefull, and nice: its grate, continue like that!

    It would be even better if it could stay on top of the rest of the windows and have also a minimized mode (sort of skin mode), because i usualy use it almost minimized, as to read from the original text, but need commonly to stop, reset, etc..

    Finally, I dont know how easy/difficult it is, but it would be grate to add a sort of "slide bar" as to be able to slide throw the text (sort of skim reading) as one normaly does if the text is not so interesting, that way one would be able to go back some words if it wasnt so clear, or go forward if there are some paragraphs that arnt interesting.

    Well... not so finally, :), can a dictionary be done as to go including new word pronounsiations made by oneself? For example slang, jargon, Technical words, etc? And go sort of teaching the program to speak the words its misspronounsing.

    If it can, it would be also grate to include it, and to be able to export those words/dicionaries to a database (simply to your page), as to interchange those pronounciations among the users (a REALLY good way to make them visit again the page, looking for more dictionaries, etc.)

    Now finally INDEED, thanks for the supperb prog, and i wish my humble ideas can help you, and in responce, to all of us!

    for eny coments, or if you dont understand something (im not native english speeking :) ), heres my mail:

    PD: I want the acknowledgments if it goes to the tops!! hehhe ;)

    Be Happy, Antrix

    • Anonymous - 2006-06-23

      I agree with much of the post. Sayzme is simple, easy to use, quick with quite a few options. In a word it works. I would really like to see it progress, as I have tries some other TTS systems and I have found nothing better for my requirements/taste so far. The reason I would like to see it develop is not just for personal reasons, but at work where I am involved in education and the IT system. Here would be my suggestions:

      * option to use sayzme from the task bar or from a always-on-top floating bar as well in full mode.
      * (from the floating/task bar)options from a menu to:
          * pause/continue
          * clear (reset)
          * toggle copy-to-clipboard on/off
      (To allow the reading from the original text whithout having to change windows to change these options)

      Also it would be interesting if Sayzme could be able to:
      * modify the speech so that it doesn't interpret numbers as 'area codes', etc
      * localise specific words (or script in prenounciations), so that the behavour can be adjusted, e.g. to ignore 'left square bracket'... etc

      Many thanks for your work,



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