using oracle provider to return xml data

Jim Neff
  • Jim Neff

    Jim Neff - 2005-03-24


    Although I am using Saxon.Net in my VB.Net project, my question doesn't relate directly to Saxon.Net.  I am having trouble finding a mailing list for Oracle .Net support.

    My question is how do I use the Oracle .Net provider to return a resultset in XML form? 

    Previously I used the Microsoft provided OLEDB library, but it does not seem to work with my database now.  No errors and the result I get back is an empty data set (like my SELECT query simply excluded all rows).  But when I take that same query and run it in another application I get a nice result set.  So I do not think it is the query.  I think for some reason my MS OLEDB provider does not communicate with the DB anymore.  (maybe a patch or change on the database?). 

    I'd rather try the Oracle provider anyways as I've heard it is faster.  I've gotten that to work just fine and return a nice result set that I was expecting. 

    My problem is the Oracle provider does not have a nice GetXML method like the MS OLEDB one does.

    So my question is how do I get that result back in an XML form using the Oracle provider?

    Jim Neff

    • M. David Peterson

      Hi Jim,

      Sorry for the *VERY* late reply on this.  As of yet I havent found a good way to integrate the forums into my normal routine and as such find that I dont check here as often as I should.

      To be honest I dont know the answer to this but will look into it a bit further and try to get back to you ASAP.  In the mean time if you have found the answer please post this back for future reference benefit.

      Cheers :)



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