Michael Kay - 2010-03-11

The conformance rules for a "basic XSLT 2.0 processor" say that it must reject types such as xs:int. Both Saxon-B 9.1 and Saxon-HE 9.2 claim conformance to the specification at this level.

In Saxon-B 9.1 there was a switch saxon:allow-all-built-in-types to override this rule. Technically this was a non-conformance to the spec (and there were complaints about this from those who care about these things) but it was provided as a convenience to users. In Saxon-HE 9.2, however, I made the decision that there would be no Saxon extensions to the basic spec.

Saxon-SA 9.1 and Saxon-EE 9.2 both implement the schema-aware conformance level of the W3C specification, which allows types such as xs:int to appear.