Michael Kay - 2006-10-04

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There are two ways you can tackle this. Either (a) download
the libraries on which Saxon depends and add them to your
classpath, or (b) don't attempt to compile the parts of
Saxon that have external dependencies. For example, you must
either (a) install jdom.jar on your classpath, or (b) remove
the net.sf.saxon.jdom package from your build, which is
where the dependencies on JDOM all arise.

If you're building for Java, you almost certainly want to
leave out the net.sf.saxon.dotnet package, which has many
dependencies on IKVMC code, but is needed only for the .NET

Saxon's dependencies should all be listed on the
"prerequisites" page at
- let me know if there are any missing.

Are you sure you really need to compile the Saxon source?
Generally you only need to do so if you want to make
changes. I do rather rely on the fact that people who don't
know how to compile the code shouldn't be making changes