Michael Kay - 2004-09-17

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Thanks. I have in fact rewritten this method for Saxon 8.1.
My fix for the problem is a little more radical: I try to
prevent the situation occurring that a DOMSource wraps a
node in a tree whose root is not a document node. This is
because all the administrative data associated with the tree
in Saxon is held with the document node, and there are lots
of things in the code that make the assumption that the root
will be a document. Support for non-Document trees may be
added at some time, but I think it needs more than this fix.

Incidentally, the method is renamed isSameNodeInfo() in 8.1
to avoid conflict with the DOM level 3 method of the same
name. I'm not actually supporting DOM level 3 yet - when I
do, it will be possible to implement isSameNodeInfo() by
calling isSameNode() on the underlying DOM nodes.

Michael Kay